Our Purpose
and Passion

We combine meticulous research, design, and craftsmanship to infuse each creation with a unique narrative, connecting past, present, and future.

what we do

Legal Tender Collectible Coins

Legal Tender Collectible Coin

Creating detailed, high-relief legal tender coins with superior craftsmanship, capturing the essence of stories, emotions, and artistry.

Statues and Figurines

Sculptures, Statues and Figurines

Custom sculptures and collectibles, expertly designed to bring visions to life and showcase exceptional craftsmanship.

Awards and Gifts

Commemorative Awards and Gifts

Bespoke awards and gifts for corporate, military, and special occasions, tailored for businesses, organizations, and events.

Design to Production

Design to Manufacturing Services

Seamless, quality integration from concept development to final production.

our process

Empowering your vision through a comprehensive, tailored approach.

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We initiate the process by meticulously researching your brand, target audience, and project objectives. This deep understanding enables us to craft designs that embody precision and purposeful details, meeting your unique needs.



Our team of experts collaborates to brainstorm and generate innovative ideas. We adopt a collective approach, ensuring the development of effective designs that resonate with your vision and goals.



Guided by the ideation phase, we create exceptional collectibles and custom designs that align with your brand and objectives. Our designs feature intricate details, ultra-high relief, and meaningful nuances that distinguish them from the rest.

Production and Manufacturing

Product development

In the final stage, we integrate all elements during the development phase, crafting the finished product with exceptional craftsmanship. We guarantee it meets your expectations and is prepared for launch, exemplifying our dedication to design excellence and customer satisfaction.

Each of our creations is a testament to precision and quality, marrying cutting-edge technologies with masterful craftsmanship. We seek to craft art pieces that go beyond mere aesthetics, pieces that tell a story, hold a purpose, and invite a connection.

frequently asked questions

Cultivating enduring partnerships through transparency, trust, and shared success.

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What is SPECTRES' mission?

Our mission is to breathe life into history through masterful designs and exceptional craftsmanship in precious metals. We aim to redefine the industry standard by weaving storytelling and respect for historical and cultural narratives into our designs while maintaining an unwavering commitment to innovation, creativity, and customer satisfaction.

Why work with SPECTRES?

At SPECTRES, we transform meticulous research and purposeful designs into tangible works of art that elevate your brand. Our commitment to integrity, effective communication, collaboration, and continuous learning, ensures our collective success, resulting in products that are not just collectibles, but works of art that stand out in the market.

Where is SPECTRES located?

SPECTRES, an innovative design firm bringing a fresh perspective to bullion design, is incorporated and operates from the vibrant city of Singapore.

Who is behind SPECTRES?

Our founder, a seasoned designer with over 18 years of experience, leads our talented team. Our collective expertise spans various materials and product categories, enabling us to cater to a diverse range of client needs. At SPECTRES, we blend passion, skill, and a commitment to continuous learning and growth, creating designs that resonate.

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